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Wormwood Studios, Wadjet Eye Games
Dec 5, 2012 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Primordia

Cool art and charming robotic banter can't quite save Primordia from obtuse puzzles and a story that doesn't click.

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Primordia is delightful, smart and packed with personality, but it also comes to a close just as you're ready to explore more of its engrossing world. Leaving the player wanting more is no great disaster, of course - and the truncated length makes it tempting to go back and try to earn some of the different endings - but it still feels like a really good game that is only a few drafts away from greatness.

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PC Gamer

55 / 100
PC Gamer

Primordia starts abruptly and ends just as suddenly, and the good story that were teased with doesnt quite ever get told.

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There is plenty to forgive Primordia for, but if you can get past the issues and lose yourself in the game there’s a rich and emotional story waiting for you. I’m a bit of a robot nut myself and despite all of my nitpicks about the game I found myself deeply affected by the ending. There’s a lot of reasons to fight Horatio’s war and Primordia does a great job of considering all of them even if it trips a few times on the way there. If you thoroughly enjoyed games like Beneath A Steel Sky or Full Throttle, I can guarantee that you’ll find plenty to like about Primordia.

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Wadjet Eye Games doubles the recent success of Resonance with an equally strong title. Primordia asserts itself in the post-apocalyptic environment, proposing a winning recipe based on retro style and through two ingredients: simple playability and an original script.

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6 / 10

An SF-post-apo adventure that abuses a little of its Dude-bro humor but delivers a script and an interesting universe. Some flaws are compensated by the choice of the developers to vary the solutions to the same puzzle. Primordia could have been a more refined hair all the same.

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A striking and unique adventure with an annoying sidekick.

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7.5 / 10.0

Adventure in the world of robots, in which it is in vain to look for people, is automatically associated with Machinarium. Primordia, a new proposal from Wadjet Eye Games, is different. It is a humorous, though not avoiding difficult topics, science fiction story.

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