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Animal Shelter

Games Incubator, PlayWay
Mar 23, 2022 - PC

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Merlin'in Kazanı
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Animal Shelter - Official Release Trailer | STEAM

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Critic Reviews for Animal Shelter

An enjoyable game for the first few hours, Animal Shelter quickly falls into mediocrity after this time when it's evident that there isn't anything more for it to offer.

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As a tycoon, Animal Shelter is such a shallow strategy that it sometimes plays alone. And what the game could easily score - an interactive encyclopedia - completely ignores this and does not teach the player anything, because no education is present here. So who this game is for is a mystery.

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Animal Shelter is a game that will allow you to have a good and enjoyable time in the short term. But it can quickly bore you in the long run. The game urgently needs updates and additional packages.

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Karolína Papoušková
5 / 10

Animal Shelter is a classic simulator concept where you need a lot of game time and grinds money to move on. It features a lot of cute animals in nice graphics, but without the elements that were promised in the trailer and with poor optimization.

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