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Soda Crisis

Team Soda, bilibili
May 23, 2022 - PC
Strong Man

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Soda Crisis Trailers

Soda Crisis New Trailer | Officially on Steam on May 23! thumbnail

Soda Crisis New Trailer | Officially on Steam on May 23!

Soda Crisis Trailer丨Free Demo Available On Steam Now thumbnail

Soda Crisis Trailer丨Free Demo Available On Steam Now

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Critic Reviews for Soda Crisis

Soda Crisis has all the makings of an epic, modern tribute to some classic action side scrollers like Metal Slug. Instead of building a bigger, badder experience, you will get some slick controls and high octane combat smushed into tiny levels that never work together to build a larger picture. Soda crisis is just a series of mini levels, no better than the likes of Angry Birds but is presented with the guise of a fully fleshed-out action-adventure. Once you get stuck into the meat, you will find there is very little on offer here after the first 30 minutes.

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It seems everyone can easily enjoy this run-and-gun action game packed with cute visual and decent level design. Though its overall gameplay is refreshing and comfortable just like a zero-calorie soda, bland storytelling and frequent item part phase are the ones that make the soda flat.

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With a forgettable soundtrack and decent, if somewhat generic, graphics, Soda Crisis feels as middle of the road as you can get without it being inherently bad. I can see what they were going for, and I get glimpses of success, but that’s all it is: just glimpses. The input lag from controllers, the fidelity going to hell, and the pretty mundane nature of it all just left me very nonplussed about the entire game.

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That said, the story is far from the focus of the game and its strong gameplay and striking visual design more than make up for it. The pounding electronic soundtrack is worth shouting out as well because each song manages to perfectly match the energy of the player at any given moment. There are also a ton of minigames present to shake things up in the post-game, such as a speedrunning mode and a bunch of collectable game cartridges that can be played via the arcade machine in home base. Through its marriage of bullet-hell gunplay and fast-paced platforming of games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Soda Crisis stands out as a phenomenal side-scrolling action-adventure.

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The game would be a fun companion for a handheld device, hoping it will be released on other platforms such as the Nintendo switch. Overall, I had fun with this title, and if you are looking for a fun game to blow off steam, this might be the title for you.

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If you’re a fan of puzzle platform shooters, you can’t go wrong with Soda Crisis. The game simply does everything wonderfully. From the atmosphere, to the visuals, to the fast-paced and varied gameplay, you can tell Soda Crisis was made with passion, and I expect that same passion to be reflected by the game’s player base.

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It's weird to use nostalgia to describe such a modern-looking game but with how the game feels mechanically, I can't help but see [Soda Crisis] as a true successor to the older joystick platform shooters we used to play when we were kids.

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Soda Crisis serves up a sugary, refreshing can of good old arcade-style fun. Whether you’re in cola withdraw rage or just want to blast baddies and cause chaos, Soda Crisis goes down sweet and satisfying.

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