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Just For Games, Rokaplay
Jul 1, 2022 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Gamer's Palace
58 / 100
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Critic Reviews for Beasties

Beasties is a very casual and easy game offering little challenge that reminds me of a mobile game. While playing it for review, I kept waiting for something fantastic to happen in the game. Say, for instance, a surprise twist in the storyline or an extra area to explore as there is only one area, a forest. Sadly that never happened. I battled and caught a few beasties and visited all three stalls in the village: a beastie trainer, a blacksmith to mend your only tool and a healer. After nearly three hours of play, I finished the game and watched the credits roll. For the game’s price you don’t get much for your money, and it is over in a flash. Unfortunately, the game’s storyline also isn’t that great, and like the game itself, it ends abruptly.

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Beasties, in general, is a nice little game but it's very much on the short side, the balancing is off and there are frustrating bugs. I reckon I might forget it as fast as it was over even though it was fun while it lasted.

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