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Before The Night

Uneducated Game Studio
Jul 14, 2022 - PC
7.6 / 10
IGN Korea
7 / 10
Nintendo Blast
7 / 10
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[ Before The Night ] Animated Trailer

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BeforeTheNight (Official Trailer)

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Critic Reviews for Before The Night

A horror game that shakes people's mind even without common jump scares. A crazy world-view where cuteness and grotesque coexist and solid storytelling became key spices to add the fun to its gameplay. However, monotonous puzzle and complicated action seem to not blend well with its horror element.

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A horror action adventure game with a perfect balance of loveliness and nightmare fuel. The story is quite well made to show all the sides of the emotional rollercoaster without pressure. The day and night cycle makes the art style and sound effects flip around and the repeated enemy attack patterns are minimal in the 3 to 4 hour span of gameplay. There were some parts of the stages where the background and interactable objects were hard to distinguish, but everything else was perfect for a quick change of temperature in the recent hot summer days.

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Before the Night offers a curious experience that challenges our perceptions and questions our relationship with animals. It's a unique and intriguing journey that, despite a few blunders in the gameplay, is worth exploring for any players looking for a compelling and provocative narrative.

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