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Long Live The Queen

Hanako Games, Hanako Games
Nov 9, 2013 - PC

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Gaming Nexus
8.5 / 10
The Outerhaven Productions
4 / 5
Pure Nintendo
8.5 / 10
Digitally Downloaded
4.5 / 5
Sequential Planet
6.5 / 10
Nintendo Blast
7 / 10
Rice Digital
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Critic Reviews for Long Live The Queen

What's my final piece of advice for Long Live the Queen? Shake it off and try again. Is it worth the challenge? Yes. Being successful is gratifying. But having said that, this is a menu game; navigating menus is the core mechanic. There's also plenty of reading that is required, skipping over it makes playing this game almost pointless. The soundtrack is beyond repetitive, nearing an annoyance, but it isn't required to play. Touch controls are fantastic, elevating this to being a great game to sit on the couch and play.

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Long Live the Queen is a fun strategy simulator game that adds a fun amount of replayability. It is challenging as a simulator but doesn't feel unforgiving as it gives you plenty of aid in establishing the route you want to go.

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Overall, Long Live the Queen puts your strategic thinking to the test in a deceptively simple game with many layers. It’s fun and addictive with a great aesthetic, and is highly recommended for fans of point-and-click adventure games with a visual novel slant.

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These are indie developers and they have captured the basics of the “princess marker” hyper-niche genre. They just needed to focus a little more on presentation and storytelling technique (unless your Yoko Taro, you’re probably not in a position to be writing in abrupt and bad endings without giving players some inkling that one might be coming up), and Long Live The Queen could have been something truly great.

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Long Live The Queen is a fascinating game with a compelling narrative that suffers from frustrating systems and mediocre presentation.

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Long Live the Queen seems to have been made for the Switch. Besides the total support to the console touch screen, the gameplay is perfect for people who are rarely at home. However, a warning: Elodie's adventure is strongly based on trial and error and any attention lapse may result in a game over. If you have the patience to spend hours upon hours thinking about the best skill combos, you'll feel right at home shaping the destiny of Nova's future queen.

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If you expect a visual novel with cute guys or girls and lots of romance, Long Live the Queen isn’t it. Don’t be fooled by the title image, as not all is pink and rosy. It is a novel alright, but it is a story that has you making mainly political choices. Elodie has to deal with betrayal, civil wars, assassinations, invasions, and magic… Who knew leading a kingdom could be so difficult? You can’t be a universally loved queen, you will have to make tough choices. Some will hate you, some will think you are doing okay. And all neighbouring countries try to influence you to benefit them. If you like a story where you have to build stats and have trial and error lead you to various endings, this one is for you. This is not an easy game, and if you want to reach all endings, you will have to play the same parts over and over again. There is a skip button, however I do wonder if players will be engaged enough to search for all endings. Make sure you have a notebook handy to jot down the choices you make and save often. That way, if Elodie meets a bad fate, you can still reverse it!

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It’s cleverly designed, it’s smartly written, and there’s nothing else quite like it out there. It’s a delight to see it make a grand return after nearly 10 years of being confined to PC — and I sincerely hope that at least some of you reading this manage to guide Elodie to something vaguely resembling happiness, because heaven knows I’m still struggling.

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