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Chenso Club

Pixadome, Aurora Punks, Curve Games
Sep 1, 2022 - PC, Nintendo Switch
6 / 10
75 / 100
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7 / 10
Otaku Gamers UK
3 / 5
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Critic Reviews for Chenso Club

If you’re in the market for a new challenging roguelike and appreciate colourful pixelated visuals, Chenso Club might be worth checking out. It’s likely to frustrate from time to time though, thanks to one reason or another. And so while you might gleam some fun out of it, it’s hard to whole-heartedly recommend.

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It is commendable as apparently retro games, or in classic ways, they know how to surprise you and feel current, using their beautiful old-school 2D aspect. Chenso Club offers us action, lots of action!, platforms, and development of vintage arcade. But it adds ingredients to the formula such as the roguelike, the procedural elements, the unlocking of its five bizarre protagonists, and making 'runs' to our measure when starting them and choosing the general difficulty. It is not perfect and there are strings of this bloody violin that still do not sound as they should, but there is promise for the future, of additions and tweaks, while what we have in the present is a dynamic and furious game, where we must learn to manage ourselves as well as have feline reflexes.

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Chenso Club is a fast-paced, pixel-based, hack-and-slash, rogue-like adventure. You get to choose multiple playable characters (after you unlock them) with different stats and perks. Utilizing the life force, you get to unlock passive and ultimate abilities increasing your chances of surviving. Overall, you’re in for the most badass pixel adventure you can embark upon this year.

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Chenso Club can even be deceiving by its strong colors and cartoon protagonists, but it's a very well designed challenge for those who like to suffer with well-structured roguelikes, even with the increasing pace of difficulty. It just needs some gameplay tweaks to be perfect.

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Tom Hynes

Chenso Club looks, sounds, and plays the part for a good hour or two, but you soon see its limitations the more time you spend with it. Whether it’s the slippery controls, the overly chaotic gameplay, the half-hearted story or progression uncertainty, it’s a game that is confused by its own identity and never really stands apart from its competitors.

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Chenso Club comes with the highest of recommendations! Seriously, if you like retro games with a modern flare, get this game! The overwhelming sense of youthful glee that Chenso Club filled me with from the moment things kicked off is something I can’t see being surpassed any time soon.  From start to finish, this game was a joy to have experienced.

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Aim Nario
7 / 10.0

The Chenso Club ticks the right boxes for an action roguelike 2D platformer. The game is challenging, which is a must for roguelike games. The game will babysit you for the first few chapters, but you are on your own for the rest of the game. The controls have a bit of a hiccup and could have been better, but it is not bad. The gameplay, visuals, audio, and story outweigh the problems I encountered.

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Offensively Average, Worth a go for fans of the genre only.

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