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Adult Swim, Ruud Koorevaar
Jul 23, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Zenzizenzic

Zenzizenzic is a massive dose of twin-stick action, demanding a learning period to master its systems, but rewarding players with a finely tuned machine of destruction for their effort.  The various weapons and tools fit together perfectly, but the game never becomes a pushover even with the knowledge of how to use all that power, or even anything less than major challenge on the higher difficulty levels.

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Zenzizenzic is rapid, colorful, simple, and just about as much fun as you can have playing a video game. The game presents a complete and fully operational game in its standard mode, and then extends the worth with an open-world "macro" mode. With the non-stop, full screen, and full tilt destruction of battle waiting, there is not a reason in the world you shouldn't be navigating the little square ship to victory.

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7.5 / 10.0

While Zenzizenzic isn't going to set the world on fire with its visual style or gameplay innovations, it's a solid bullet-hell shooter with a kick-ass soundtrack that's modestly priced.

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In the end, Zenzizenzic is a great game for those who like the twin stick shoot-em-up genre, but may be looking for something with a little more to it. Great design, smooth controls, and plentiful upgrades and weapon options means there's plenty to check out, and the ever-growing Macro Mode offers a unique take.

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A shmup for the modern gamer, Zenzizenzic is as bonkers as its name implies. It's also smart, efficient and unquestionably tight.

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Zenzizenzic is a fantastic bullet hell experience that manages not only to delight longtime genre fans, through its Classic mode, but also to add innovation with its Macro experience. The visuals are slick and fast, the soundtrack is addictive, and the controls tight. While the difficulty spikes as you get through the levels, veterans will no doubt enjoy the challenge.

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With a striking yet simple presentation, Zenzizenzic is a fresh take on the twin-stick shooter. The slew of new mechanics provides your attacks some diversity, especially with the new bullet hell setting. The idea of trade-offs is a good new addition since it forces you to strategize more in a genre that's not really known for that. The roguelike mode is what will attract players. Anyone looking for a distinctive shooter will be very happy with Zenzizenzic.

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If you're a fan of the psychedelic, or if you like your games throwing more shapes and enemies at you than you can shake a stick at, then Zenzizenzic is for you.

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