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Little Witch Nobeta

Pupuya Games, SimonCreative, Justdan
Jun 23, 2020 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Little Witch Nobeta

Little Witch Nobeta makes for a fun old-school action shooter. It's just a shame that this particular witches' brew is filled with so much unnecessary and bland garnish that serves only to dilute the taste.

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Little Witch Nobeta is a fun blend of shooting and Souls mechanics, but the Switch port has some framerate issues

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Though it seems like a simple anime dungeon crawler, Little Witch Nobeta is a fun romp with an excellent combat system and fantastic world-building. It also features some great exploration full of plenty of secret rooms and treasures to find and I found myself lost for hours just looking for that next little collectable or scroll to level up my magic. Little Witch Nobeta takes what made a lot of the souls formula great and introduces it to the more casual player.

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Little Witch Nobeta is a surprisingly fun little indie Souls-like title. It has charm and challenge in equal bags, and it even pulls off a competent, if slightly oddly translated, story. It isn't Dark Souls, but fans of the genre would be remiss to pass on this game, especially if they like cutesy anime witches. Thoroughly recommended.

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A charming title that doesn't overstay its welcome; Little Witch Nobeta is a fun, if occasionally repetitive, journey of discovery. Well utilised mechanics and some epic boss fights make this a good choice for veterans of the Souls-like genre and newcomers alike.

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I mostly enjoyed my time with Little Witch Nobeta, especially with its gratifying combat and consistent character enhancements. However, it's still a rather clunky game that could greatly benefit from a map and more distinct environments.

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Little Witch Nobeta combines the fun of a shooter with the difficulty of a soulslike with an anime sense of style in a natural way.

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My only complaint with Little Witch Nobeta is that I wish there was just more of it to enjoy. Even for a Souls-like game, it’s pretty short and I clocked in about 9 hours before the credits rolled. That said, within that time span, I was left consistently impressed by its razor-sharp level design, strong enemy and boss design, and smart application of its unique mechanics. Nobeta may be little, but she leaves a big impression.

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