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Unusual Findings

Epic Llama Games, ESDigital Games
Oct 12, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for Unusual Findings

Unusual Findings is a charming and often hilarious sci-fi tale set during the 80s which oozes with a great retro-graphical style, good voice acting, and a fun story about teenage boys being, well, teenage boys - while also attempting to thwart an alien war. The point-and-click genre has seen a resurgence in recent years and Unusual Findings is certainly a worthwhile successor to the games it pays homage to.

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Unusual Findings is a brutal point & click adventure that pays homage to classic titles in the genre. The traditional puzzle-solving and lack of direction may turn off a lot of players, but those that stick wit hit will find a rewarding experience that uses more of your critical thinking than most games ever have.

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The retro point-and-click adventure game, Unusual Findings, is full of puzzles, colorful characters, sometimes odd conversation, and aliens-what more could you ask for? Our heroes share some witty banter, get into all sorts of trouble, and get to save the world, if they are successful.

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Unusual Findings is a master class in old-school adventure games and even gives Return to Monkey Island a run for its money.

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Unusual Findings has a promising premise but the movement and convoluted puzzles ruined it for me.  After spending an exasperating 6.5 hours with very little enjoyment, I will not be returning to finish it.

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Unusual Findings is an amusing adventure full of quirky characters, interesting locations, and unexpected moments. The story might tread familiar ground, but it’s so charming and zany that it doesn’t really matter. The puzzles are fun and the characters are endearing. Plus, there are multiple endings and ways to overcome obstacles, so there’s quite a bit of replayability.

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The voice acting in Unusual Findings is incredibly well done and by far the best part of the game

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Unusual Findings is bursting with pop culture references, visuals and sounds from the 80’s. The adventures of Vinnie, Nick and Tony has obviously been inspired by Stranger Things and that works for it. While it’s enjoyable overall, it lacks direction and logical signposting in some areas which can make it tedious.

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