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SuperPower 3

GolemLabs, THQ Nordic
Oct 7, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for SuperPower 3

SuperPower 3 does allow you to lead any nation on the planet in any way that you might like to. Unfortunately, while the game is only as exciting as a pile of spreadsheets, it’s nowhere near deep enough to feel like a genuine political simulator. It needed more fireworks and a sense that the decisions that you were making were really impacting on the nation and, once you were powerful enough, international balance. As it stands, all that’s really on offer is a bunch of numbers endlessly ticking over.

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SuperPower 3 is a massive game that will require time and patience from anyone who wants to understand all the mechanics and try out all the scenarios. But there are no grand strategy games set during modern times that allow a player to choose Brazil and try to become a nuclear-powered Southern Hemisphere hegemon and other outlandish ideas.

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While there are so many materials that can be of interest, unfortunately, this material cannot reach its potential due to poor presentation and technical problems.

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Some games are only going to appeal to a very specific audience. That’s great, I’m all for niche games, and SuperPower 3 should have been one of those titles. With the number of issues, it has, though, including systems that simply don’t seem to work, performance problems, and a complete lack of direction, it’s hard to see even the players who it should be for getting much enjoyment out of it.

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