Espire 2

Digital Lode, Tripwire
Nov 17, 2022 - Meta Quest

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Critic Reviews for Espire 2

Espire 2 can be a fantastic stealth game, with interesting levels, unique mechanics, and great music, but getting there requires suffering through myriad performance issues.

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No, it’s not perfect but Espire 2 on the Meta Quest 2 is a blast to play. Innovative mechanics, great level design and two really engaging quests more than make up for the few glitches and incomplete multiplayer. If you love stealth games — or you just want to be Ethan Hunt or James Bond for a few hours — pick this one up.

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As a sum of its parts, Espire 2 is a very solid VR stealth game that is only held back by a few issues, but those issues usually interfere with the player's enjoyment. The rough visuals and AI never got me to buy into this otherwise well-executed stealth fantasy. It has good ideas, which are all done well, but they quickly wear thin with repeated playthroughs. If you have a friend to play with, Espire 2 also offers the ability to play missions cooperatively, so that may be a reason to rank Espire 2 a bit higher, but the overall gameplay remains the same. Ultimately, Espire 2 does some impressive things with VR controls and offers some great open-level design, but it isn't an overly long game experience, and it feels rough around the edges.

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Stan Rezaee
9 / 10

Espire 2 embodies every element that has defined the stealth action genre while utilizing the technology of the Meta Quest 2.

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Espire 2 is exactly what I want in a VR game. A stealth infiltration game that makes you feel like a badass. It has some fun sandbox-like environments that showcase some of the best VR gameplay I’ve had the pleasure of playing. However, it’s not perfect thanks to a lacklustre story, terrible AI, and muddy visuals. Despite those issues, it’s still very much worth your time.

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Espire 2 offers a really immersive VR stealth game. It is really fun to have to pull a tool from your arm to disarm a wired alarm at just the right angle or walk up to a computer terminal and have to physically move your hands up and down on the keyboard like you are typing. So much more immersive than walking up and pressing B. I can't stress enough how great these little touches are for making a great VR experience.

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