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Do Not Open

Quasar Dynamics, Perp Games, UNREALITY S.L.
Nov 15, 2022 - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
4 / 10
4 / 10
NextGen Player
7 / 10
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DO NOT OPEN | PlayStation 5 4K Gameplay thumbnail

DO NOT OPEN | PlayStation 5 4K Gameplay

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Do Not Open PEGI Trailer

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DO NOT OPEN | PS Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Do Not Open

It’s debateable whether most players will have the patience and persistence to see Do Not Open through until its end. It’s a shame, because the premise here is interesting, and the puzzles themselves are mostly clever and fun to solve. The entity is its downfall, an ill-conceived obstacle that’s relentless and a little bit broken. Rather than make Do Not Open scary, it makes it needlessly frustrating.

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It seems like Do Not Open had set up itself for a failure with just its name alone' After a quick glance you might expect an exciting escape room VR experience, which is unfortunately not true. This horror-less, VR-less, empty shell of a rushed game is extremely short, lacks any polish and painfully bores me to my core. At the current stage, not opening it is the only viable option!

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Do Not Open is sorely lacking in all aspects and not even its Burkittsville setting can save it.

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Do Not Open delivers on its escape room horror promise with cleverly designed puzzles that are fun and challenging to solve. Combined with its spooky story and high-quality environmental visuals, there's enough here to make a solid recommendation to horror fans. One caveat though: depending on your budget, its $24.99 price tag may be a little steep considering the game's length, so you might want to hold out for a sale.

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