Sword of the Vagrant

Dec 1, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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6 / 10
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6.5 / 10
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5.5 / 10
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Sword of the Vagrant Media

Critic Reviews for Sword of the Vagrant

As we mentioned, the art style looks great and the game runs well in handheld mode, although it has the tendency to get a bit choppy when docked. We also ran into a few glitches over the course of the adventure, the most common causing Vivian to just slide across the screen while stuck in a crouch animation, and a soft lock later in the game in which the character would not stop walking right into a wall. By no means are these extreme and you would hope they'll be patched, but they got a bit frustrating over time. These issues aside, Sword of the Vagrant held our attention and, especially considering the modest asking price, is still worthy of light investigation if you're a fan of rough-and-ready hack-and-slashing.

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For the $9.99 price tag, Sword of the Vagrant gives you a lot of content, enough challenge, and a decent story to keep you wanting to get to the end. I just hope Vivian can eventually buy clothes in her travels, as running around in leather underwear seems drafty and embarrassing!

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Sword of the Vagrant is a boring hack and slash RPG that has a lot of promise but will definitely begin to test your patience only a couple of hours into its campaign. It might be fun for some mindless action or to admire 2D boobies but that's about it. 👙

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