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Garden In!

Dramatic Iceberg, Bonus Stage Publishing
Jan 26, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch
7 / 10
Saving Content
3 / 5
7 / 10
Rapid Reviews UK
4 / 5
Gamer's Palace
70 / 100
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Garden In! Official Trailer

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Garden In! [Official Release Trailer]

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Garden In! Official Trailer 2022: Coming Soon

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Critic Reviews for Garden In!

Garden In! is a simulation game that perfectly succeeds in its goal of transporting the player to a different dimension where caring for the plants and yourself are the only things that matter.

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Even with the time constraints, I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Garden In!, and the “Gotta Plant them All” goal of getting all the seeds. Unfortunately, I would be giving the real-time growing a pass if it were on mobile versus my PC, where it’s more of a detriment. I want to spend a few hours playing a game on my PC, not a few minutes. When I boot up a game through Steam, I want to sit down and be engrossed. Relaxing or not, I’ve dedicated time to play, so let’s play; Garden In! doesn’t do that for me. With all that said, I absolutely do recommend giving this one a go if you want something calm and relaxing to entertain your fingers and stimulate the mind for a few minutes.

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Garden In! does scratch the gardening itch without getting your hands dirty. More than that, it is a casual game that will appeal to fans of the simulation genre. There is a nice collection of seeds to collect and bring into bloom; there are various rooms to work in, and things to take into account, like soil and the sort of vase or pot you use. By growing more and more plants, you can fulfil your achievements and get even more customization options. I love this game. As I couldn’t play it on the Steam Deck, I can only wish Garden In! will eventually make its way to the Nintendo Switch as well, where it will be a day-one buy for me!

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Garden In! is a simple and relaxing plant growing simulator that lets you exploit your creativity when decorating different spaces with different types of plants.

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I’d like to say I’m green-fingered with plants in nearly every room and a conservatory full of them. A splash of green brings colour and nature to the home! Unfortunately, though I love plants, this doesn’t guarantee a natural ability in keeping them alive. There have been some casualties over the years, sadly (one or two have been cat related though I might add).

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Garden In! lets you find a few relaxing minutes per day and inner calm.

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