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The Pale Beyond

Bellular Studios, Fellow Traveller
Feb 24, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for The Pale Beyond

The Pale Beyond is bleak and miserable in all the right ways, with a fantastic setting for a survival game.

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The Pale Beyond is a masterclass in tone and atmosphere informing gameplay. As Captain Robin Shaw, you'll need to make tough decisions constantly, but this stressful journey is well worth seeing through to the end.

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If you’re a frostbite-loving freak like me, The Pale Beyond is the game for you. It makes me optimistic about the future of this niche genre. The amount of research and care is apparent as you play. The opaque gameplay systems draw you into the narrative, but leave you in suspense. If you’ve made it this far in the review, I have to assume one of those things is appealing to you. Play The Pale Beyond; it might just be the best novel you read this year.

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A tough game that's sometimes a little too harsh for its own good, but if you're up for the challenge, there's a wonderfully touching gaming experience to be had here.

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It’s rare these days for a survival game to put narrative and resource management mechanics on the same level, and do both very well. Overall, I think The Pale Beyond tells a captivating story while torturing players into finding the best solutions for keeping their crew alive.

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The Pale Beyond has a nice art style and tries to balance an intriguing story and survival gameplay, but the two elements never find common ground, and the technical issues eventually drag the whole experience into the icy waters.

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The Pale Beyond from Bellular Studios finds the perfect balance between tension and calm. With a unique take on survival, gorgeous visuals and relaxing music, The Pale Beyond tells a memorable story about exploration.

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For a weaker game, dealing with even minor issues might be a deal-breaker, but The Pale Beyond offers more than enough to overcome these quirks. The difficulty is well-honed, forcing players to stay on their toes without verging on frustrating, and the unanswered questions that arise in the story remain engaging until the final revelations. Although the interpersonal component isn't dialed up to draw out tears, solid character writing makes tough choices and failures fall heavy. The Pale Beyond's expedition might encounter a few rough seas, but players willing to brave them can find a journey that is abundantly worthwhile.

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