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Bat Boy

X PLUS Co., Ltd. , Sonzai Games
May 25, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
6 / 10
PSX Brasil
85 / 100
9 / 10
7 / 10
Nintendo Blast
7.5 / 10
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Bat Boy - Official Release Date Trailer

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Bat Boy - Kickstarter Trailer (EN)

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Critic Reviews for Bat Boy

If you're itching for some classic action platforming with a Mega Man flavour, Bat Boy will satisfy. It has a fun sports theme, some great tunes, and vibrant levels to navigate. As fans of that genre, we enjoyed most of our time with it outside of a few sudden spikes in difficulty and a handful of bugs – particularly one that lost us progress if we dared to use the pause menu. A patch or two post-launch might alleviate these issues, but in its current state, Bat Boy doesn't hit a home run - though it doesn't quite strike out, either.

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Fun and unpretentious like a good adventure cartoon, Bat Boy doesn't intend to reinvent the platform genre, but it takes its inspirations from the right places and adds its own contribution by bringing together sports elements to the combat. It's a charismatic retro game and competent in everything it does, although there was room to explore more intentionally the batting mechanics and techniques of the other sports already presented in the game.

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Bat Boy bets on the basics and on creativity to make an excellent platformer. The sportist-hero is very versatile using his bat to hit, parry projectiles and bounce on top of enemies. There's a great variety of challenges, with brand new concepts being introduced all the time and new skills that encourage exploring the stages for secrets. As usual of modern retro-inspired titles, Bat Boy has a moderate difficulty but it's rarely unjust or frustrating. A few movements are a little imprecise, which gets in the way during complicated moments but it's fortunately easy to avoid. With variety, charisma and a great rhythm, Bat Boy is a must-play 2D platformer adventure.

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Bat Boy is a very competent 2D action platformer, and lots of fun can be had with it, even if it's a rather challenging game at times. Sadly, the repeated crashing in one part of it impacted my enjoyment quite a bit.

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Featuring a lot of fun in the platformer format, Bat Boy is a pleasant surprise in the Switch's indie library. Despite the performance problems that can be frustrating for hindering progression, there is a lot of quality in this action adventure, which hits a real home run with its creative concept that explores sports superheroes.

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