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Artificial Disasters, Artificial Disasters , Surefire.Games
Apr 12, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch
8 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
7.3 / 10
8 / 10
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Flooded - Launch Trailer

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Flooded - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Flooded

For being a rather unique premise, Flooded offers a very tight and polished experience. It’s the sort of thing where I’m afraid that if you either add something or take it away, it will stop working. Just a terrific execution of its thesis. I’m not certain it will necessarily soak your socks like some more expansive builders might, but your time spent stranded will be worthwhile.

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A slightly different take on your typical build and expand strategy title

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I would highly recommend checking out Flooded if you’ve wanted to give RTS games a chance, but find the whole thing overwhelming when you need to build cities or bases, build armies, defend yourself, attack others, and more at the same time. It’s a bit more of a relaxing pace, but can also get quite stressful as you get further and further through time.

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