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Sunrise GP

Garage 5, Gamedust
Apr 20, 2023 - Nintendo Switch
4 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
5.5 / 10
40 / 100
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Sunrise GP - Launch Trailer [Play on Switch!] thumbnail

Sunrise GP - Launch Trailer [Play on Switch!]

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Sunrise GP - Reveal Trailer [Arcade Racing Game]

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Critic Reviews for Sunrise GP

Sunrise GP brings the impression that we had when playing the first parts of the Need for Speed series. However, it is buried under a pile of shortcomings and the game is not helped by the fact that there is sadly very little content in it.

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While having a cool retro-ish look, and some fun customization options, the racing itself lacks in speed and satisfying play

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Sunrise GP would simply be better if it had about another six months of development time, however, that doesn’t prevent it from being an overall dull experience. A lack of track variety is a large factor in this but isn’t the only problem. The lack of a spin on typical racing is another big flaw. It is so simple to picture Sunrise GP with an over-the-top drift and ramps or shortcuts because of its visual style but lacks anything of the sort.

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