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Roots of Pacha

Soda Den , Crytivo
Apr 25, 2023 - PC
PC Gamer
88 / 100
8 / 10
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7 / 10
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Roots of Pacha Day of the Devs Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Roots of Pacha

Even amidst the farming sim renaissance, Roots of Pacha cultivates a charming, community-driven vision of the Stone Age that's endlessly satisfying and always enchanting.

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Roots of Pacha is a refreshing take on the farming/life sim genre, with great ideas and features. However, there are little annoyances that might turn off some.

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There is so much to Roots of Pacha, all packed into a gameplay time of around 40 hours. You can see the love the developers have put into the game as you play, and, amazingly, it was all developed by such a small team. If simulation, farming, crafting, and so much more are what you enjoy in a game, then Roots of Pacha is worth checking out.

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Roots of Pacha is a game that innovates on the farming sim design, offering familiar gameplay with fresh new mechanics and a unique setting. Fans of the genre or those looking to get into it should definitely give Roots of Pacha a try.

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