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Aurogon Shanghai, Modus Games
Apr 25, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Afterimage

Even if there are a few rough spots, Afterimage is a magical Metroidvania that shines. Most of the issues require a little patching but the core remains engaging. The combat works because the enemy variety compliments Renee's moves, and overcoming previously difficult bosses is intensely satisfying. Platforming has a few quirks, but using enemies as impromptu platforms to find secrets or barely making a jump is exhilarating. Even the story, which doesn't start out with alot to set it apart, blossoms thanks to a spectacular world and interesting themes. This title is an absolute gem for Metroidvania fans.

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Afterimage is a game with many and varied virtues: aesthetically it is beautiful, its addictive combat, soulslike mechanics and difficult bosses are a challenge... But in the same way, it does not do anything especially innovative, nor surprising, diluting a little all the good that is in it, which is not little. It is also quite long and comes translated.

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With a more than 26-hour runtime, Afterimage kept me hooked to my seat as I ventured through the beautiful world with elegantly designed creatures and battles everywhere I turned. For the price of entry - Afterimage is one of the best Metroidvanias I have personally ever played.

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Afterimage looks great and is fun enough to play, but it's a bit lacking in creativity and makes some questionable design decisions.

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While we did grow a little weary of the overwhelming amount to explore and backtrack through in Afterimage, we didn't grow tired of whacking its wide range of enemies, nor did its gorgeously hand-drawn environments - which Switch unfortunately struggles to do justice to when docked - ever disappoint. It's best experienced elsewhere if you're playing on a television, but if you primarily play your Switch handheld, Afterimage offers a lengthy, lovely-looking Metroidvania adventure.

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Not just a pretty face: Afterimage is not only a beautiful metroidvania, but also a very competent one, clever in taking inspiration from the right sources and able to deliver a world that you never get tired of exploring. Good thing too, considering how big it is.

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All in all, the world of Afterimage is gorgeous and thrilling to explore. I just wish the game’s storytelling was as compelling as its setting.

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Afterimage does enough to stand out in a genre that is quickly becoming overcrowded, with its surprisingly deep combat and excellent visual design. It doesn't reinvent the wheel but will likely find a loving home in the hands of Metroidvania enthusiasts.

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