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Shiny Shoe, Shiny Shoe
May 23, 2023 - PC
8 / 10
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Unknown Author
8 / 10.0

Inkbound is dripping in potential, from its excellently designed characters to the world design choices that make its lore worth learning about. Combat is addictive and rewarding. With a class system that would make sense to all gamers, these solid choices are tethered to a well-designed hub world that is fun to explore. But, not-fun to explore menus and questionable reliance on internet connectivity hold Inkbound back from taking another step towards literary excellence. Despite its shortcomings, Inkbound is a good recommendation for those looking for something novel and exciting to try out.

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Inkbound, like all early access games, is bound to change as updates are pushed out — but what I’ve played thus far is a strong foundation. Presently, my main gripe is that NPCs feel less distinct than I’d like, which makes it hard to invest myself in the story. I do, however, appreciate the nod to creative writing dictums in the form of naming the player character “Needless,” with commentary from the supporting cast saying that you’re not a real character if you don’t have needs.

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