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Sad Owl Studios, Thunderful Publishing
Jul 18, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PC

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Game Rant
3.5 / 5
8 / 10
PC Gamer
87 / 100
Metro GameCentral
7 / 10
Easy Allies
8.5 / 10
5 / 5
Game Informer
8.3 / 10
9 / 10
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Viewfinder Trailers

Viewfinder | Release Date Trailer | July 18 on PC & PS5 thumbnail

Viewfinder | Release Date Trailer | July 18 on PC & PS5

Viewfinder | Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Viewfinder | Gameplay Trailer

Viewfinder | Announcement Trailer | PC & PS5 | 2023 thumbnail

Viewfinder | Announcement Trailer | PC & PS5 | 2023

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Critic Reviews for Viewfinder

Viewfinder is fun while it lasts and has more than one moment that will leave players with a smile on their faces. It doesn't live up to its full potential, but it's still a solid game and one that will hopefully inspire others to explore similar concepts. It's easy to see how Viewfinder's picture-to-reality idea could be huge for something like a horror game or even a first-person shooter. Applying the brilliant idea at its core to something with a better story and more content would be the makings of an instant classic. What's here is still certainly worth the price of admission, however.

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Spellbindingly surreal and stimulating to the end, Viewfinder is the freakiest form of photo mode in which every snap is a happy one.

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Innovative puzzle design and truly astonishing visual trickery make this puzzle game a must-play-even if it doesn't quite have the space to make the most of its best ideas.

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Metro GameCentral

7 / 10
Metro GameCentral

A highly imaginative puzzle game whose clever concepts are frequently used in the least appealing way possible – although they're imaginative enough that the game remains engaging despite itself.

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Sad Owl Studios has delivered a puzzling experience that's both instantly approachable and inventive enough to keep you guessing throughout. Viewfinder is simply wonderful – a breath of fresh air that shouldn't be ignored.

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The entirety of Viewfinder, including completing its optional puzzles, only takes a few hours, but its brevity is a strength. The game has no unnecessary fat where you use familiar solutions to solve slight variations of puzzles you’ve already completed. Every level feels like it is trying out a new idea based on the core concept making it a consistently novel experience throughout.

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Viewfinder stretches its entrancing central mechanic in delightful ways, constructing an engrossing, yet brief, puzzle-adventure that shouldn't be missed.

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