Tiny Witch

Creative Hand
Sep 1, 2023 - PC
4 / 10
8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Tiny Witch

Tiny Witch is beautiful, adorable, wholesome, and so much fun. I loved building up my stores and collecting pets; the rat is definitely my favourite (I named my rat pet Speedy). But that being said, Tiny Witch is pretty challenging. You need to be on your game and fast; there is no relaxing in the minion business! So, if you also love stressful, fun games, you should pick up Tiny Witch for yourself

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Tiny Witch's combination of cozy and chaotic does not pay off all too well, as it embraces neither. It plods along to the finish line, leaving no strong impressions.

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Tiny Witch is a short and fun game that features a beautiful pixel art style.

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