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Bulletstorm VR

Incuvo, People Can Fly, PCF Group S.A.
Jan 18, 2024 - PlayStation 5, Meta Quest, PC

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Bulletstorm VR Trailers

Bulletstorm VR - Official Trailer | Upload VR Showcase Winter 2023 thumbnail

Bulletstorm VR - Official Trailer | Upload VR Showcase Winter 2023

Bulletstorm | Pre-Order Trailer | Meta Quest 2 + 3 + Pro thumbnail

Bulletstorm | Pre-Order Trailer | Meta Quest 2 + 3 + Pro

Bulletstorm VR - Pre-Order & Release Date Trailer thumbnail

Bulletstorm VR - Pre-Order & Release Date Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Bulletstorm VR

Bulletstorm VR is disappointing in every way, and while there are few redeeming features early on, there are better ways to play it.

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There is some hope that Bulletstorm VR will improve in time. People Can Fly and Incuvo have already indicated that updates are on the way, but the game will need some massive overhauls to even come close to being as good as the original. For now, anyone itching to replay Bulletstorm should stick with Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.

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Bulletstorm VR unfortunately fumbles where it matters most – the gameplay. For a game originally based around fast-paced and easy to execute stylish kills, Bulletstorm's jump to VR does the title no favors, making it much harder to pull off anything aside from straightforward shooting. There's still a fun game hidden within Bulletstorm VR, but there's little reason to pick up the VR version instead of the much better Full Clip console release.

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Hopefully, Incuvo will honor their pledge to fix the game and in short order. There are teasing moments of fun that shine through all the current issues with the game. If they ever get fixed, then Bulletstorm could still turn out to be a fun game.

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Bulletstorm VR successfully translates into a VR experience on PC, occasionally tripped up by bugs and lacklustre enemy AI that Incuvo needs to address.

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Bulletstorm VR is a hilariously dated game that'll make you laugh as you blow crap up while listening to its stupidly macho cast of characters. However, it's so rough around the edges that I'd find it hard to recommend to even the biggest fan of '90s-era action flicks. 🔫

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The translation to VR, while commendable, doesn’t translate into an enjoyable gameplay experience. Combine that with a game that hasn’t aged well, and constant crashing on both PC and Quest 3, especially at $40, is not something I can recommend.

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Whilst some setpieces were still pretty enjoyable, and the game as a whole is still pretty good, I can’t help but think that Bulletstorm is still best enjoyed elsewhere, be it on PC or console, with or without Duke Nukem’s nonsensical presence, or on a more powerful VR headset.

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