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BlazBlue Entropy Effect

Jan 31, 2024 - PC

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God is a Geek
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La Orden del Pixel
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Critic Reviews for BlazBlue Entropy Effect

Even if you're not a fan of the mainline franchise, BlazBlue: Entropy Effect will appeal if you like a good side-scrolling action game.

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All in all, BlazBlue Entropy Effect is a fun experience with slick combat. I just wish it felt like the BlazBlue title meant something. Right now, it seems like an unrelated game got put under the BlazBlue umbrella for marketing purposes. Oh well, at least Taokaka is still fun to play.

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You don’t need to be a BlazBlue diehard to appreciate BlazBlue Entropy Effect. Its roguelike gameplay features some of the most fun yet complex combinations of button mashing and attack chains. It is far more approachable than most roguelikes I’ve played recently thanks to how it presents complex information to players and gives them opportunities to test out mechanics without relying on trial and error.

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BlazBlue Entropy Effect expands the fighting game saga to the roguelite genre, with a very colorful artistic proposal, enriched by a varied gameplay full of possibilities. 91Act did a truly spectacular job, demonstrating that a saga can leave the margins to which we are accustomed and still be wonderful.

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All together in combination with the direct controls you get a lot of fun with a "one more run" spiral, what you would expect from a roguelike. Sadly the confusing story and less integration from the excellent Blazblue Cast brings the whole game down a bit. It is not the next Hades or Dead Cells but fans of the genre will still have a lot of fun with it.

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BlazBlue Entropy Effect is quite a solid entry for the Roguelike genre. With a large number of characters to master, lots of skills to unlock, and properly generated runs every time, it plays like any other roguelike out there, but at least the quality you come across in this title is properly polished. I must remind you that the game is currently in Early Access, meaning the developers are still working on implementing new stuff and improving the game further, so you can expect it to become even more polished.

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BlazBlue Entropy Effect is a marvelous showcase of some of the best aspects of the Roguelike generation. It takes the core features and majorly expands on them by giving players a tenfold delivery of an addictive combat action experience, and even though the game is far from the normal BlazBlue experience, the new entry still pays respects to the cast of the BlazBlue franchise by retaining what makes them all so unique and beloved by BlazBlue fans.

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