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Versus Evil, Pencil Test Studios
Sep 30, 2015 - PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, PlayStation 5

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PC Gamer
46 / 100
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4 / 10
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God is a Geek
3 / 10
Post Arcade (National Post)
7.5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Armikrog

Armikrog's memory puzzles and tenuous humour are a low point in the adventure game renaissance.

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Armikrog fails as an adventure, a story, a Neverhood successor, and on any other level you might have hoped for.

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Provided you don't get hung up by myriad design problems or a progress-halting bug, Armikrog is a monotonous and overly simplistic adventure

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Though it starts with a glimmer of excellence, Armikrog's luster fades over time. It inevitably feels empty, falling flat in its effort to develop its characters, fill out its world with compelling atmosphere, and provide consistent puzzles with sound logic. While the game's claymation visuals are delightful and unique, that quality alone isn't enough to make it worth recommending. What remains is a half-baked experience that, for all the personality it wears on its sleeve, fails to captivate in any meaningful way.

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Armikrog does not surpass The Neverhood, but just like a successor to any celebrated piece of media, that would have been an impossible task. However, it does contain a unique charm in its own right which fans of The Neverhood or other old-school point-and-click adventures will especially appreciate. Those followers will likely forgive its faults for a taste of nostalgia, but others new to this realm may find it too outdated and unpolished.

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In a way Armikrog feels like a tech demo for something much bigger, a showcase of what a final build could look like, with the majority of the character dialogue and story still to be added in. The fantastic claymation and the decent music can only distract so long from the facts that Armikrog feels soulless, lacks any charm, has boring characters, and has puzzles that could have been more interesting. The story of Tzurk and Meva told on the tablets would have made for a much better game.

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A wonderful claymation art style and a unique soundtrack aren't enough to save this point-and-click adventure from its own monotonous puzzles and uninteresting story.

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As a spiritual successor to The Neverhood, the game succeeds on all levels, but somehow I don't think it will gain the same kind of cult following this time.

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