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Swordtales, Versus Evil
May 11, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Toren

Toren is a good story that suffers in the telling, with simplistic platforming that's hampered by a sloppy camera and controls.

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Toren shoots for the moon but lands nowhere special.

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Toren is a very cool concept that's held back by its rough presentation, especially on the PC platform. Truth be told though, I think developer Swordtales should keep making games and simply refine its touch, as the studio clearly has the knack for it.

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Regardless of my complaints, Toren still successfully brings home an intriguing experience, rife with beauty and intrigue. Its technical merits or lack thereof may frustrate some, but I feel no worse for wear. If you're looking for a short, colorful adventure to entertain you for a few hours, it's hard to go wrong here. Just watch your step.

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There's nothing majorly wrong with Toren. Although barren, its gameplay systems operate well enough, going hand-in-hand with developer Swordtales' minimalist approach. That said, mechanically, it fails to do anything that truly immerses players any more than the game's pretty visuals.

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Toren is an experience that's worth at least one run. Then, it gets put up on a shelf like a nice book, where it ends up disappearing alongside the other novels.

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A beautiful and thought provoking exploration into so many different ideas on life, which can be completed in one joyous, yet bewildering, sitting.

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Toren's weak central mechanics, repetitive action, and overall bugginess are mitigated somewhat by its engaging mood and direction.

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