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Nov 2, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Cibele


No Recommendation / Blank

An interesting attempt at recapturing the thrill of first love, Cibele is ultimately too clumsy for its own good.

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Cibele is an interesting look at dating and life in the Internet age, highlighting the complexities of relationships and communication

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With the game giving such an importance on the audio of conversations and the inclusion of real-life video scenes, one wonders if Cibele would have been better off as a YouTube short, instead of forcing itself into an interactive medium. Nevertheless, the game still manages to be a somewhat enjoyable tale of first love, even if it feels like a 'you had to be there for it' story.

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Cibele has some things going for it, such as a narrative structure based on interaction with the main character's computer. It's a fairly predictable story told in a new way. Some parts of it were intriguing, but overall it didn't really wow me.

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Cibele, I don't think, was supposed to make me cry, I don't think it wants me to linger on how things ended. It's supposed to help me let go. I hope that I will.

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Finding yourself is difficult. Finding someone else is complicated. Cibele bears both burdens in a candid and empathetic glimpse of burgeoning love in the 21st century. So many games either waste or misunderstand their medium as a storytelling device while Cibele thrives inside of its own technology. By no coincidence, it's one of the most human and relatable games, too.

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The gameplay of Cibele, in the form of the levels of Voltameri we're forced to play through, is something of a letdown… I was left to wonder how on earth Nina could spend so much of her time playing such a dull and boring game

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Cibele is a flawed game with a well-told story and certainly worth a playthrough. It didn't have any lasting impact on me, as the basis premise is well-worn territory, but that doesn't detract from the fact that this is both well-written and performed. I don't hesitate to recommend the game on a narrative level, but have some issues regarding the gameplay and presentation. Tightening up the controls, or tweaking how the game is presented, wouldn't have gone amiss.

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