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Degica, CAVE Interactive CO.
Nov 5, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Mushihimesama

It’s a bit redundant to say as nearly every Cave shooter is a “must play” title, but Mushihimesama is required reading for shmup fans. Whether you’re going at it solo or with a friend, on the highest difficulty setting or the lowest, Mushihimesama is incredibly easy to spend an afternoon with for years to come.

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Navigating the bullet hell of Mushihimesama is incredibly satisfying, but not everyone will be prepared for the sheer difficulty of this classic Shmup.

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A beautiful, charming, humbling, and difficult experience that's a good fit for shoot 'em up fans, but perhaps strange and unwelcoming to newcomers.

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Mushihimesama was ahead of the pack when it came out two decades ago, and that hasn't changed at all in 2021. This is still a remarkable shmup and a must-play for hardcore fans, but thanks to the wealth of difficulty options it provides, it's the perfect way for newcomers to dip their feet into the genre too.

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There's a reason why Mushihimesama is regarded as one of Cave's best shoot-em-ups – it's weird and colourful, it's incredibly refined, and the many gameplay modes ensure that both newbies and veterans will be kept busy for quite some time.

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Game studio Cave brings its addictive, hardcore shooter classic to PC with a wealth of features, options, and gameplay modes.

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Mushihimesama (Switch) is a great replayable shmup to play on your Switch console. For Switch owners new to the bullet hell genre, Mushihimesama is a fantastic place to get your feet wet. For Switch owners itching to replay a classic bullet hell, look no further than Mushihimesama! Either way, you will have a great time navigating the seemingly endless waves of bullets in beautiful bug-filled arenas.

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While there are a few nags in the overall package, MushihimeSama is a fantastic shooter, and one I'm glad I won't have to write the name of any longer.

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