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Night School Studio
Jan 15, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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8.2 / 10
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3.5 / 5
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8 / 10
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OXENFREE: Official Teaser #1

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Critic Reviews for Oxenfree

Oxenfree is elegantly simple, using branching dialogue and a little something supernatural to develop three-dimensional characters and drive the coming-of-age story. There's not much else to it in terms of gameplay, which is absolutely a good thing, but pacing issues in its story can make it feel sluggish between conversations. Mostly, though, it's like walking through a stunning painting, listening to the idle chatter and revealing talks of (sometimes unnatural-sounding) teenagers.

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A beautiful story-driven adventure game with a compelling story and great characters, set on an island filled with intriguing mysteries.

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No Recommendation / Blank

Oxenfree isn't a horror game with a message, but it's still got lots to say.

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Oxenfree's easy to like, with its inspired dialogue system feeling like a step forward for this genre. It's the lack of challenge and compelling gameplay that leaves it a few steps behind.

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Some of the most natural dialogue ever designed for a video game – in terms of quality and interaction – helps to make a superior supernatural thriller.

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Oxenfree has charm and experiments with choice in a fun way, but it has a few missteps that prevent it from reaching its full potential

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Oxenfree doesn't live up to its potential, but has a story worth telling

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Masterful audiovisual design and a witty script set Oxenfree's tale of angsty teens battling the supernatural apart from other horror games.

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OpenCritic Coverage

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals Introduces A New Setting And New Characters

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals Introduces A New Setting And New Characters

The team at Night School Studio is back to get weird once again with Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. The sequel to the team's beloved 2016 debut was announced during today's Nintendo Indie Showcase.

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