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Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment
Feb 25, 2016 - PC

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83 / 100
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Critic Reviews for Grim Dawn

It's a little hobbled by old-school stylings and the story could be better, but few modern hack-and-slash RPGs are quite so fun.

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Grim Dawn is one of the best action-RPGs out there, combining excellent hack and slash action with a world and progression curve that makes it worth fighting through. Alone or with friends, it's hour after hour of top quality combat and looting, with the promise of many more excellent dark times to come.

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Hack and slash your way through the brilliantly realized horror-fantasy world of Grim Dawn, an instant classic in the action RPG genre.

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With varied enemies and locales, and tons of loot, gear and skills, Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition has something to please any genre fan.

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Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition is an overwhelmingly great package, stuffed with hundreds of hours of content, incredible replayability, a variety of distinct classes to choose from, a huge open world ripe for exploration, more loot than imaginable, and fun combat. Despite its age, Grim Dawn holds up incredibly well when stacked against more modern ARPGs and has made a fluid transition from PC to console with only a few minor slowdown issues.

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Grim Dawn is still a fantastic game that any fan of the action RPG style will enjoy. There are tons of customization options not only with the game mechanics, but with the character builds as well. It’s a beefy game and with all the expansions added in, this is a complete package that any RPG fan will enjoy and get a ton of time in and while the menu navigations aren’t the best in the world, it’s something that now Xbox fans can enjoy.

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Crate Entertainment should be applauded for not only pulling off making a fun and deeply satisfying game, but recreating the feel of an old-school isometric RPG with its own personality.

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Grim Dawn is a familiar, yet satisfying romp through a role-playing genre that's seen its fair share of innovations and dynamic methods to shoot and loot. Its setting is a nice change from the usual fantasy titles and its features and content are more than enough to keep you entertained for quite some time.

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