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Factotum 90

TACS Games
Feb 10, 2016 - Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Factotum 90 - XBOX One - Feb 10th 2016

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Critic Reviews for Factotum 90

All in all, Factotum 90 is not a bad puzzle game. I had a decent little time with it and at the cost of six bucks, I'd say puzzle fans should give it a shot. It's not going to blow anyone's socks off, but the game has a lot of heart. It's a nice little weekend game to play through at least once.

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Factotum won't baffle you like The Witness, but it will leave you highly satisfied after solving a difficult puzzle. You'll never feel like a genius, as the solutions are never too far out of reach, but you will feel smarter by the end of the game.

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I enjoyed Factotum 90 much more than the original Factotum. Complete with updated graphics and smoother controls, I would say the Nintendo Switch game is the definitive version. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're into puzzle-solving games.

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Factotum 90 is a cooperative game for a single person, in which the player controls two robots alternatively, working together in order to solve several puzzles, seeking to restore the systems of a spaceship and find out what collided with its outer hull and caused the accident in deep space.

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Factotum 90 is a fun puzzler with solid gameplay mechanics and an ever increasing difficulty that feels just right. You'll need to take it slow as you solve the smaller puzzles that will eventually allow you to exit a stage, and the game's trophy list is very rewarding. If you're looking for an entertaining 3D puzzler on PS4 then you should definitely check out Factotum 90!

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Some of the puzzles do seem almost impossible; all but those with the most godlike of patience will likely turn it off in frustration and storm off – only to have a eureka moment hours later

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Factotum 90 has some nice features and good ideas, but unfortunately just misses being really good due to a few minor omissions.

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Short, simple and fun, Factotum 90 is a must-have addition to any puzzle game fan's collection. With a unique premise and an interesting plot, it only ever tries to be exactly what it is and offers enough of a challenge to be a satisfying experience. A refreshing addition to the ID@Xbox collection.

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