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Available on:PCFeb 16, 2016

Developer: Galvanic Games

Genre: Action

Gurgamoth is a flying fighting game where the level is your weapon. Gurgamoth is the perfect mix of party chaos and competitive strategy, ideal for sitting around on the couch with a couple of friends. Your only weapon is the level itself: a shifting battlefield with different hazards. Gurgamoth is fast, relying on quick timing, but also your ability to read your opponent. Will they dodge your attack and send you flying into a spinning saw blade? Will they spend their attacks on a power up, leaving them temporarily vulnerable? Will they anticipate your attack and stun you while you're recovering? Get inside their minds and earn the honor of awakening Gurgamoth.

Gurgamoth Critic Reviews

Gurgamoth is closer to Starwhal, another novelty-based, colorful competitive game, but at least the latter had a sense of humor and janky-controls that are part of the fun. Put another way, Gurgamoth really is just bumper cars: a fleeting, mild amusement best remembered as a sliver of an otherwise warm, fuzzy day.

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With only one style of gameplay, just over a handful of stages, and only six characters that look generally the same, the $9.99 asking price just doesn’t seem worth it. Gurgamoth felt more like early access or a test demo than a full game.

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Ultimately it seems that the creators came up with a brilliant idea but rushed the product

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Regardless, while Gurgamoth’s core gameplay loop is still decently enjoyable, the lack of anything else to it makes it a hard recommendation in the sea of other multiplayer games.

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