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Star Ghost

Squarehead Studios
Mar 10, 2016 - Wii U, Nintendo Switch

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8 / 10
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Star Ghost on the Nintendo eShop

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Critic Reviews for Star Ghost

Star Ghost is one of the most enjoyable - and turbulent - trips you can take through the stars.

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Star Ghost is an assured eShop debut for Squarehead Studios, and shows that quality breeds quality; the combination of a former Rare and Retro staffer with one of the most iconic video game musicians of all time has resulted in a game which initially seems quite simplistic, but has a surprising level of depth, replayability and charm. While it's true that the core gameplay doesn't possess all that much variety, the stern challenge calls for a level of concentration that is rarely asked for with modern games; merely surviving is tricky enough, but when you add in the allure of improving your score, it's easy to become hopelessly engrossed. Having said that, if the notion of tirelessly striving to improve your own personal best doesn't appeal then you might find your interest in Star Ghost is fleeting - especially as bragging rights are hard to enforce with this title, as an online leaderboard isn't included at launch.Still, this is a minor point in the grand scheme of things, and fans of old-school shooters will lap up the nostalgia - both from the gameplay and the presentation - while those players who weren't around during the 'golden era' should surely appreciate the unique control mechanics which reward perseverance and skill.

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It's an indie treat that will not only please fans of old-school video games, but also those who want a rewarding challenge.

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This new and welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch catalogue is simple yet demanding, with plenty of details to appreciate, such as its signature soundtrack and will be very much well received by shoot'em up fans.

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Though gameplay mechanics borrow from trendy, classic games from the past, it wasn't enough to keep me intrigued.

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For the low cost of £7.99, this is a decent little addition to any Nintendo Switch owner's indie library, and perfect for a quick bash here and there. It captures the same simplistic addictiveness as Flappy Bird, but has the same flaws. It's repetitive and gets boring very quickly, so it's a real shame this new Nintendo Switch version of Star Ghost couldn't offer up new features.

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The weird control scheme may screw with your head for a bit, but ultimately, this is so brilliantly done. It walks the fine line of intensity and joy, which will make you scream for one more go. With tons of upgrades and rough challenges to endure, the classic shooter fanatic will be pleased with this surprise.

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Overall a genuinely fun nature pervades through this game. The bright colors and fast-paced play combined with an upbeat soundtrack by David Wise keep it moving. The concept might be one-note, but enough variety is present in the levels for consistently fresh gameplay with an old school arcade feel perfect for handheld play on the Switch.

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