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SCEA, Pixel Opus
Jun 9, 2014 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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Entwined Launch Trailer | E3 2014 (PS4) thumbnail

Entwined Launch Trailer | E3 2014 (PS4)

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Critic Reviews for Entwined

But a small handful of highlights is not enough to save Entwined. It's a game that strains for profundity and meaning - that's particularly evident in its Trophy titles - but finds them ever beyond its grasp. Some will be soothed by its contemplative mood, others will relish the challenge of mastering those devious patterns, but to me the two felt like an awkward mismatch. Sony might have given Entwined a gentle shove into the spotlight, but there are surely better, more deserving PS4 indies waiting in the wings for their time to shine.

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PS4's Entwined doesn't fully deliver on its promise. It's beautiful, but also frustrating.

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A disappointingly bare-bones color-matching game that doesn't measure up to its artsy promise.

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Too simple to be satisfying, and not thematically deep enough to be interesting

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Comforting colors, excellent sound design, and simple gameplay make Entwined a lovely and fleeting experience.

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Entwined is just far more satisfying to look at or listen to than it is to actually play.

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Even at less than two hours of playtime, I can't complain when it costs more to go to a movie. In that way, Entwined feels like Journey and that's high praise for upstart developer Pixelopus.

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Pixelopus has nailed the audio and visual aspects of poetic game making. Now they just need to work on what players do...and what it all means.

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