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Available on:PCMar 22, 2016

Developer: SoftWarWare

Publisher: Slitherine Ltd.

Genres: Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy

The ancients who named this sector ‘Polaris’ sure had a unique sense of humor. Polaris - the bright star, the star of hope and faith. Well the Polaris sector has precious little of either; just a wilderness of gas, stars, and supernovas soaked in treachery, oppression, and the lust for power. Can anyone build an empire in a place like this? Other factions are naturally suspicious of newcomers and may wage war at the first sign of unidentified craft. Here, a natural death is an uncommon luxury. You look weak? Pirates and scavengers will plunder your planets. You show military strength to discourage potential enemies? Your rivals will combine their forces to eliminate the threat. Total domination requires many diverse stratagems. Shaking the hand of a powerful emperor, designing new warships in secret, investing everything in fundamental sciences to gain technology before your competitors - all may be the road to success. But will you have the time to implement your strategy? Will you be visionary enough to build weapons and technologies that will make the difference in battles fought decades from now? Find the right balance between fundamental and applied sciences to stay ahead of the opposition. Find the right balance between classic designs and crazy prototypes and your ships will be feared across the galaxy. Your engineers and scientists provide you a high level of flexibility, but it’s your decisions that will shape the empire’s fate. Many a mercenary or adventurer has come here seeking wealth and power, and all their stories are now just whispers in the void. Polaris is a black hole for living species, and empires rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Maybe the leader that will bring stability to this zone hasn’t been born yet, if they will ever exist…

Polaris Sector Critic Reviews

Those who covet unique 4X factions and absorbing, atmospheric exploration should probably head elsewhere, but if you’re looking for logistical military exercises and satisfying galactic planning then Polaris Sector has you well covered.

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At first glance Plaris Sectors looks like many other 4X strategy videogames, but the chance to assemble your own ships and the interesting system for the scientific research are interesting twists that any fan of the genre should try out.

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Solid, complex and engaging gameplay with a substantial learning curve. Marred by sloppy story elements, an exceptionally dry tutorial and sometimes-kludgy interface design.

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At first glance, Polaris Sector does not look like anything terribly new or innovative. While it does not reinvent the proverbial strategy genre wheel, credit is due for some of the more innovative systems and balanced, clean UI. If you like to design and manage complex civilisations and cities, this title's probably going to leave you wanting just a little more.

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