Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within

Zen Studios
Apr 30, 2014 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Push Square
8 / 10
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8.8 / 10
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9 / 10
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4 / 5
8 / 10
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4 / 5
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Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within -- Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within

Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within not only contains some of the best Star Wars tables that Zen Studios has produced, but also some of the best that it's released full-stop. While the Zen Pinball 2 wrapping is still the same – for all of the good and the bad that that brings – it's clear that lessons have been learned from previous designs. This change of approach has brought the studio back from the dark side, as it's managed to make tables that are first and foremost fun to play, while still finding a way to apply some digital gloss.

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Zen goes out with a bang with three really good tables and one OK table. For the price of three tables, you get four to play and each have something a little different to offer.

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For pinball fans looking for more, this pack is quite the steal. Of course, Star Wars fans will get the most out of it, but even with the objectives being a little obscure, the casual pinball players can have a ton of fun. There's a good amount of content to have the pinball wizards playing for a long while. Zen Studios said they were bringing more tables, and they delivered.

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Finally, the fourth but certainly not last table is titled Masters of the Force. This is a tribute to the Force itself, or as Zen Studios puts it, "the highest powers in the universe." Each side of the table is themed for the dark and light sides of the Force on the left and right sides respectively. Perform missions for either Emperor Palpatine or Master Yoda, and the balance of the Force will begin tipping to either side. This table feels a little cramped at first glance, but that feeling quickly subsides as you explore and especially when you interact with the holocrons.

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Heroes Within is a fantastic table pack for Star Wars Pinball fans. Three of the four tables are incredible and will get a ton of use from those seeking to top their own personal best scores.

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Star Wars Pinball: the Heroes Within is the best pack of DLC tables released so far. It features possibly the best tables yet in the Star Wars Pinball series, including some of the most stunningly looking ones too, but also offering more content for the same price than the previously released Balance of the Force pack. Granted there are not many packs to compare this one to, but it's clearly the kind of DLC that makes you wish these tables had been the main game right from the start, and that the base pack had been made DLC instead. Indeed, one must still purchase the base three tables on Wii U in order to experience these four new ones, bringing the overall price to experience these on Nintendo's console to higher than it would be on some other devices where it is possible to purchase tables one by one. That's not to say that the base Star Wars Pinball pack isn't worth purchasing anyway, as its original review will show. That one really impressed with its quality content and exploitation of the franchise for pinball purposes, back in 2013. This new pack builds on what was already a great piece of software for both Star Wars and pinball fans. This new pack is a must-have on the eShop as each table offers lots of fun, looks great, and sounds awesome.

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Though these are not the first 'Star Wars Pinball' tables from Zen Studios, they may be the last. That's a shame as these tables feature some of the studio's best work and are recommend for both casual 'Star Wars' fans and those though that sometimes get the urge to play pinball. These tables play great on the Vita, as even the weaker entry 'Masters of the Force' has some fun design elements, and on the PS4, 'Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within' reaches its zenith.

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