Back in 1995

Degica, Throw the warped code out
Apr 28, 2016 - PC

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"Back in 1995" Tester trailer

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Critic Reviews for Back in 1995

Of course, that’s something up for debate. Another time, perhaps. As it stands, and as a review of a product, Back in 1995 is a gimmicky curiosity, not unlike its graphical approach; flat and askew, with some semblance of structure if you squint between the lines.

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Back in 1995 is a game that aims to make gamers feel like it was 1995 again, and while it succeeds in garnering a retro aesthetic, it falls far short everywhere else.

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Back in 1995 on the Nintendo Switch may sound like a tempting promise for enthusiasts of retro-themed works but beware the promises of its name. The game bases itself on the 32-bit generation, which is unusual but not a bad decision per se. Unfortunately it doesn't get anything right and it fails to understand that what made games of that generation stand out was the amusing naiveté they employed to go around the technical limits of the time, whereas Back in 1995 is just a clumsy collage of elements that try to simulate a game from 25 years ago but which plays terribly and without any sense of enjoyment whatsoever.

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Distorted textures and hulking polygons may not feel as chic or romantic as pixel art, but Back in 1995's paean to the 32-bit era extends beyond aesthetic cognizance. It's a vehicle for the sentiment and devotion of its author, and approach may be limited to a shared fondness of that time and place.

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Back In 1995 does an earnest job at trying to emulate the experience offered by the survival horror canon of the nineties, especially visually. But beyond it’s looks, 1995 fails to recognise why those games were so great, and is unfortunately an inferior experience because of it.

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A lovingly-crafted tribute to old-school survival horror that sadly doesn't bear resemblance to the classics so much as the obscure bootleg that your uncle brought back from his trip to Japan. The authenticity isn't worth the lousy design.

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