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Running With Scissors
May 20, 2016 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for POSTAL Redux

They also replaced the original final level, The Elementary School, and in my opinion, that was absolutely the right call since school shootings aren’t funny or worth emulating.

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POSTAL Redux brings the original controversial shooter to arguably the most family-friendly of consoles. Remastered visuals, expanded content, and new portability means that there are many new things for returning fans, but anything that could be viewed in a positive light is marred by the offensive content that's advertised and encouraged. Who is this game for?

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Summary : Postal Redux is a brief, but decently fun twin stick shooter with some fitting ambience. It will help kill small amounts of time, but the short campaign will be over well before you know it and longer enjoyment of the game will depend on you getting into the Rampage score attack mode.

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Postal Redux is a mediocre letdown for series fans, with nothing to say and very little incentive to play it.

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Thanks to its budget price, Postal Redux may well be worth checking out if you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters and have the stomach for it – its atmosphere makes it wholly unique. It is undoubtedly dated though, and doesn’t try to do anything interesting other than shock you. Will it succeed? Probably – it can be quite a harrowing game if you think about it too much. Kick back and accept it for what it is, however – a video game – and some enjoyment can be had.

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We understand what Running With Scissors wanted to achieve with this game, but it's fairly obvious they did not quite push themselves to incoporate any features that would make Postal Redux stand out in a highly competitive scene PC indie games.

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There is no real artistic style to the visual elements which is a shame given how haunting the loading-screen art is

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I'm left wondering just who would want to play Postal Redux. The game works, sure, but there are a lot of top-down isometric shooters that work. I understand the appeal in playing both transgressive and offensive games, but Postal isn't actually transgressive, since it has so little to say and while it clearly caused offence in the '90s, there are games that are much more capable of causing offence now if that's what you're looking for. Play Hotline Miami. Hotline Miami upset plenty of people. Postal, meanwhile... Postal in 2020 comes across as bland, and for a game (and series) that relies entirely on upsetting people, even when the gameplay is competent, for it to be "bland" is to make its very existence pointless.

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