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Shadow Blade: Reload

Dead Mage
Aug 10, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Shadow Blade: Reload

And I might add a fourth column this into which fits: a knock-off. It’s as if someone played Mark of the Ninja and thought “we can make a worse version of this.” Just take away the depth of combat, the freedom of choice, and any semblance of longevity, and voila. That’ll be $15.

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Shadow Blade Reload is a fun game, but it’s not an interesting game. It has several things going for it, like the striking visuals, quick gameplay, and the level editor. But mostly it falters as the distracting voice acting and low-level difficulty hold the game back enough that it can’t be considered all that impressive of a title.

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Reload is much better than the mobile version and it’s a fun way to kill some time; however, being this unoriginal isn’t really going to turn any heads.

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While nothing remarkable, Shadow Blade: Reload does at least do a solid twitch platforming job. When it’s hitting its lightning stride, it’s actually quite fun, but too often it trots along being bland and unimpressive instead.

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The gap in quality between mobile games and console/PC releases is almost non-existent now, as is proved by the likes of Shadow Blade: Reload. As such it fits the portable nature of Nintendo Switch like a glove, with its short-yet-challenging levels offering a platforming experience that's ideal for both short bursts of play and longer speedrunning sessions. The sound design helps create a rhythm to your progression through each level, and there's plenty of secrets to find in each level, but the absence of the level editor included in the PC/PS4 port makes this version feel a little hollow by comparison.

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Shadow Blade: Reload mixes an appealing story with a solid level design and great characters and boss fights, and the result is a wonderful 2D action platformer. Different difficulty levels and challenges section also increase the replay values. Add Nintendo Switch's portable capabilities to all this and you have a game that you can enjoy almost anywhere.

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There is no sense of identity, leaving the impression that this is just another ninja game for the pile. Lackluster presentation, a boring story, and repetitive scenarios show exactly why Shadow Blade: Reload can't rival the likes of The Messenger or even the original Ninja Gaiden games. For those hoping for another great action-platformer on the Switch, you'll want to keep looking.

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