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General Information

Available on:Nintendo 3DSMay 12, 2016

Developer: CoderChild

Genre: Puzzle

Becoming part of the Academy is not easy; its most illustrious members are waiting for you, ready to challenge you in this extraordinary puzzle and skills game. Prove your mastery of language in WordsUp! Academy... and dare to challenge them and get their approval!

WordsUp! Academy Critic Reviews

WordsUp! Academy will please those who are savvy and quick with words; for others, however, it can be frustrating. It's recommended for those who want to build up their skills in this area, though a few glances at a dictionary will certainly be needed when this one shows off its vocabulary.

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For all the different ways it tries to dress itself up, Words Up! Academy is really just the same thing over and over again. That does not necessarily make it a bad game, but it is an extremely simple one based on one very specific type of puzzle. For fans of this type of puzzle, this would probably be worth the purchase, but it is hard to see anyone who isn't an extreme fan of word puzzles to get any sort of enjoyment out of this at all. Even those that are fans might have a hard time keeping interest the entire time, because this game is truly an exercise in repetition. It does a good job dressing up this one type of puzzle the best that it can, but ultimately this is going to be a niche title that really only appeals to hardcore word puzzle enthusiasts. Both of them.

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