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Nkidu Games, Drama Drifters
Jun 22, 2016 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Breached

Breached is a game that offers polished graphics for gamers to explore in the drone segments, but as the gameplay doesn't offer much challenge as it progresses.

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Breached's storytelling is strong, but its mechanics wear thin

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Breached wants to evoke the sci-fi survivalism of The Martian but fails to get off the ground.

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Breached is a fun little game that derives a good portion of its charm from its minimalist and mysterious story. The drone sections are fun, particularly in the beginning, and there’s just the right amount of strategy involved in the choices you make. It does get a little dull after the first playthrough, and you can theoretically beat the game in less than 90 minutes, but at £4.49/$6.29, it’s still a cheap little bite-sized game that’s likely worth your time.

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Breached is a game that wants you to play it again and again, but doesn’t provide enough reason to do so.

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With a length about that of a major motion picture, and a price to match, is Breached worth the cost of admission? It's a game that feels like an amazing demo for a full length title that never came to be. The building blocks are there for a better game. A more compelling narrative, or one better told could have really lifted what is on offer. Breached is good and pretty. There's just simply not much of it, and it never convinced me it was worth the grind to unlock all of its secrets.

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Penning logs, navigating maps, and analyzing my findings in the lab menu felt like authentic and really immersed me in the experience.

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The story is well-written and the exploration sequences compelling, but Breached is too short for either to get the development and depth that they deserve.

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