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Lost Sea

Eastasiasoft Limited
Jun 29, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Lost Sea -- Teaser Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Lost Sea

Lost Sea isn’t a bad game, but it does little to stand out. It does feel like that the developers could have followed a different path to keep things more interesting, and the lack of transferable skills and unlocks slows the progression to a crawl. Outside of boss fights, there’s little gameplay variation, making Lost Sea a drag when playing in long periods, but OK for shorts bursts here and there.

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Lost Sea is neither particularly original nor exciting, but it's charming enough in its own way.

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Although Lost Sea provides fun, laid-back gameplay alongside a colourful, cel-shaded world, a lack of depth and some restrictive design choices may limit the scope of the game.

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Lost Sea comes painfully close to being a great experience. In theory, it features tense combat, satisfying exploration, and infinite worlds to explore. In practice, however, its combat is fun but shallow, its exploration is extensive but tedious, and its world is beautiful but repetitive. Most intolerable of all, though, is its stymieing lack of a save feature. A pleasant visual style and an interesting premise don't make up for this dull and disappointing gameplay.

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Lost Sea is a fun diversion, it’s colorful and beautiful in a cute way and offers some fun moments. It just seems better played in shorter spurts than longer durations and unfortunately the game punishes those that prefer that play-style.

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Lost Sea is a game that plays well, but rather than attempting to be a roguelike game, it should have focused on a strictly action/adventure style.

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Lost Sea harbors (see what I did there?) a good idea and bright visuals with flawed execution. Although roguelikes are inherently designed to be somewhat repetitive, each one often has a hook that helps it to be more than just its basic design. Lost Sea never expands on its primary structure to give players much incentive to return and try to make it further. Add in having to manage the life of the crew — which could have been a good hook, given better risk/reward and AI — and Lost Sea seems more chore than challenge; a tightly locked coffer filled with possibilities. But what good is a treasure chest if the seal remains shut, even if it does look really good?

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Lost Sea isn't necessarily a bad game, but if you're not a fan of roguelikes, steer clear. For fans of roguelikes, Lost Sea doesn't quite nail what makes them so addictive and replayable. If you don't mind a slow, plodding trek over and over again, Lost Sea can provide some hours of mindless enjoyment.

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