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Rynn's Adventure: Trouble in the Enchanted Forest

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Based on 4 critic reviews
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Available on:Wii UMay 26, 2016
PCMar 31, 2016

Developer: Arcane Four Studios

Genre: Platformer

Rynn’s Adventure is a 2D platformer game in which the player guides Rynn through a variety of environments teeming with magic and danger. The player will help Rynn combat the many enemies she encounters and outwit each of their fearsome generals. Rynn will eventually face off against the evil wizard himself in order to free her parents and ultimately save the Enchanted Forest and its inhabitants.

Choose which stage to play in any order. Use Rynn’s impressive acrobatic maneuvers to overcome obstacles and enemies alike. Confront challenging bosses waiting at the end of each stage. Unlock fabulous power-ups for each boss defeated.

This is a side scrolling adventure for all ages and audiences.

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Gaming Nexus

7.4 / 10.0
Gaming Nexus

Rynn’s Adventure: Trouble in the Enchanted Forest can be fun if you can get past the game’s short comings.  For a platformer with some Mega Man-esque elements, the controls can feel weird at first and the attacking takes some getting used to.  If you can get past that, the game can be pretty fun as long as you’re not one to get frustrated too easily by precision platforming.

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Nintendo Life

5 / 10
Nintendo Life

Rynn's Adventure, whether intentionally or not, hearkens back to the platformers of the '90s PC era. It's quirky, with collectibles aplenty, yet suffers from flaws inherent in sketchier old level designs. Players can expect to have a slow start before gaining any traction, but the game has the potential to grow more enjoyable as the momentum builds. It is difficult to recommend this game against a stable of outright fantastic platformers already available on the Wii U, at various price points on the eShop, but patient players looking for something new might find a satisfying game beneath the lack of polish.

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9 / 10.0

If you like old fashioned platformers that are tough as nails but addictive, then you’ll love this. It’s a 16-bit platformer with modern day polish. A tremendous first effort from a small development team, this game deserves to be a big hit.

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