It's Spring Again

Sometimes You, Asya Yurina
Feb 2, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for It's Spring Again

It's Spring Again is a lovely little interactive experience that lasts under 15 minutes teaching you about the seasons.

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It's Spring Again works wonderfully for what it is, but doesn't leave much reason to keep coming back after viewing it a few times, as it feels like a cute cardboard book from a thrift store. Children may find it wildly engrossing at first, but their elation will probably wear off as time goes on. Still, for an educational game, this is a nice treat for youngsters, especially those who aren't ready to start slaying dragons and saving kingdoms.

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This educational video game is certainly far better than most Sometimes You titles, but it's also an average one. Note, however, that it's not average compared to "the real deal," but to similar material, because there are games, novels, toys, and TV shows that are far better company to a three or five-year-old… It's not like they have a long attention span, after all.

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I have no idea why this game is on Switch.

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Like any children’s storybook, It’s Spring Again is very short. However, you can get a good couple playthroughs in before kids will want to move on. At $1.99 (USD), it’s a great price for an interactive book for your little ones to enjoy and get them learning about weather and seasonal changes. Of course, that’s if you don’t mind having your Nintendo Switch in their hands; otherwise, you can pick it up on iOS or Android for $0.99. However you play, it’s a game worth revisiting again and again. Also note that the Nintendo Switch version can only be played undocked as it requires interaction with the touch-screen.

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With the voice of a pleasant and soothing female narrator and featuring bright and friendly artwork It’s Spring again roughly tells a story of the seasons...

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To put it mildly, It’s Spring Again is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t do anything new or different to teach children any better than what a good walk in the park or a picture book can provide.

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The game is absolutely perfect for its intended audience. From the looks of the puppet show they modeled and expanded this after it nails every aspect with great detail. This is a definite must have for any gamer out there with young children and the platform to play it on. It is a way to get the child engaged with learning that a normal preschool just cannot do. This interactive way of learning is definitely a way of the future and I hope we start to see more titles like it, being the parent of a 20 month old.

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