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RocketsRocketsRockets is ranked in the 20th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
5 / 10
Mar 17, 2019

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is exactly what its title says: a game about rockets, specifically about battles with rockets. This effort is fun to an extent when played on multiplayer but the solo experience does not have much to offer when it comes to memorable gameplay - its shallowness and repetitive nature quickly becomes too visible and the game ends up being a rather sub-par work.

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6 / 10.0
Jan 9, 2019

RocketsRocketsRockets aims to be a budget multiplayer game, and it clearly shows, for better or for worse. While the main game mode it has on offer is incredibly solid, and did provide some enjoyment for a friend and I, it really didn’t last that long due to the limited amount of stages and modes.

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5 / 10.0
Dec 12, 2018

Overall the main mode of Rockets is fun but once you move beyond that there is nothing to do in the game. If you have a lot of game nights where you have friends over and the one mode appeals to you, this game can be fun. If you are a solo gamer or think you and your friends would get bored of this quickly then there are plenty of other party games with more to offer.

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Nov 27, 2018

If you go at it alone, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is going to feel a bit barebones and one-trick since the AI controlled rockets are not going be controlled by actual humans sitting next to you, trash-talking as they try to destroy you.

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Digitally Downloaded
Harvard L.
Top Critic
Nov 22, 2018

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS started its life in Early Access on Steam, spurred by a challenge by Radial Games to ship a product quickly as opposed to getting bogged down in the weeds. And for what it’s worth, content packs throughout the game’s life cycle on Steam have certainly added to its value, and I hope this continues into the future. I do think that the game is one or two elements and patches away from being a truly enjoyable party experience, so while I’m putting it aside for now, hopefully this will be one worth coming back to.

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Nov 15, 2018

RocketsRocketsRockets is a welcomed indie title on the Nintendo Switch. It's one of the best pick up and play titles on the console to date, rife with pretty explosions!

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