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Claire: Extended Cut

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Based on 9 critic reviews
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Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 30, 2016
Xbox OneSep 6, 2016
PlayStation VitaAug 30, 2016

Publisher: Hailstorm Games

Genre: Interactive Story

While visiting her sick mother, Claire takes a wrong turn and stumbles into a dark passage of echoing doors and abandoned rooms. Lost, and attempting to find her way back, Claire encounters an over-protective dog and few denizens who are seemingly uninterested in Claire’s plight. Did they block the doors and windows to keep something out, or is a malevolent force stopping Claire from leaving? Why does the sun seemingly never rise and why are there red candles scattered across the grounds? As panic sets in, time slips and begins to fall away.

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Claire - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

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74 / 100

When an enemy is lurking around, the music and effects ramp up intensely

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7.5 / 10.0
Samuel Guglielmo

If you're willing to look past some flaws, Claire mixes wonderful atmosphere with great writing to create a 2D indie horror game that I found scarier than many major efforts.

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I enjoyed Claire: Extended Cut on PlayStation 4. It’s definitely a stressful survival horror game, but that’s what fans of the genre want. Sure, it might be short, but the game’s length isn’t a deal-breaker since it crams a lot of content into a short gaming session. Exploring the hospital as I tried to keep Claire alive and sane, finding new shortcuts, opening previously locked doors to connect each location… it all felt great in this indie release. If you’re looking for a short 2D survival horror game, then look no further!

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9 / 10

The art style is similar to that of Lone Survivor, so if you have played and loved that game, you will love Claire: Extended Cut. They also share a creepy atmosphere, and a theme of loneliness. Having played both games, I would say Claire: Extended Cut is probably slightly creepier and scarier than Lone Survivor, but both are great games. I greatly enjoyed playing the game for my Claire: Extended Cut review, and I can easily recommend this one for you.

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