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Sep 12, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Dead Rising - 10th Anniversary Announce Trailer | PS4 thumbnail

Dead Rising - 10th Anniversary Announce Trailer | PS4

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Critic Reviews for Dead Rising HD

How much you enjoy Dead Rising hinges entirely on your acceptance of this principle. As someone who doesn't mind playing games over and over until I perfect them, I like the idea of adding some form of urgency, and feel like in most sessions I have ample time to meander without missing out on much. By that same token I also prefer the leniency of the sequels, and enjoy replaying them more often. It's a give and take, but Dead Rising is worth the squeeze and still holds up after all this time.

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Boasting unlocked frame rates and drastically reduced load times, this zombie-bashing good time plays better than its original Xbox 360 release. Unfortunately, the game still suffers from old bugs and exploitable AIs.

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In 2006, Dead Rising's clever assembly of ideas rampaged against comfort and cohesion. Time has been kind to Dead Rising's sharp edge of nonconformity, though some of its quirks feel frustrating after two (and a half) sequels provided a better defense of its thesis.

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In 2016, Dead Rising is fantastic nostalgic trip that benefits from the higher resolution, frame rate and graphical options greatly, despite the overall textures and models not being as magical as they once were.

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Dead Rising remains one of Capcom's most classic and ambitious games to-date, and the re-release is most welcome, even if a lack of new content or genuine remastering is present in the package.

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To my mind, that's what makes Dead Rising interesting in 2016. It hasn't aged well at all, and it's a sort of time capsule for late sixth/early seventh-generation design, but it still has a quiet intensity and sense of genuine dread that none of its more famous sequels even tried to match, and which in many ways stands alone in recent video game history. If you can come to grips with its relative user-unfriendliness, it's an experience worth having.

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Though it hasn't aged that well, Dead Rising remains a good experience. The game can be tough as nails due to the intentional design choices and flaws that stand out in comparison to modern conventions. The story is fine, and the characters are likeable enough to make it work. While it would have been nice if the presentation had been updated with more than 60fps and a gamut of resolutions, the fact that Dead Rising is playable outside of the Xbox 360 is enough of a reason for series fans to give this a shot and see what they're missing.

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If you have never played Dead Rising before I can highly recommend getting this game for only €20 (Or buy the triple-pack) For me, Dead Rising is a memorable game that changed the gaming industry when it came out in 2006. It was a blast playing it again on Xbox One with improved performance, I suggest you try it too.

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