Sorcery! Part 4

Sep 22, 2016 - PC

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Sorcery! Part 4: The Crown of Kings - Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Sorcery! Part 4

Sorcery! pushes and exploits both genre tropes and limitations, not as mere parody but in order to provide a better role-playing experience. A masterful work.

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Definitely the best of the entire series, as it should be.

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The PC adaptation of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! gamebooks has some rough edges, but it's a thrilling, sprawling adventure overall.

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There is no doubt to its quality, yet it falls to the hurdle of its own title: Part 4. When taken altogether, the game comes off as drastically different; on its own it is simply a well-written and engaging title, if also sadly short and a bit annoying at times. For those interested in the series, it is best to start with Part 1 & 2 for the same reason it's not a great idea start reading a book from chapter 20.

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Sorcery! has been spectacular, each episode better than the last, and the fourth a towering triumph. It has been such an intelligent combination of trusting a quality source material, while being bold enough to take enormous steps away to innovate and explore even better ideas and possibilities. Everyone who cares about RPGs needs to take a look to see how much more they should be expecting from their genre, and to have a really bloody good time.

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